Support the Trees for Troops effort by placing a presale order for a Christmas tree.  This special tree will be shipped to a deserving military family.  Help spread the Christmas cheer and tradition by showing your support for our troops. 

The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation is committed to keeping the spirit of Christmas alive and growing memories for the next generation of children and families. 

Your charitable contribution will help needy children and families in the United States during the holiday season, and promote environmental stewardship throughout the year.  Thank you for your support, and...


The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation

Anthony Dal Bello, Founder and President of  Anthony's  Christmas Trees and Wreaths Inc.  left , and George Leis, President and CEO of Santa Barbara Bank and Trust at opening ceremony  kicking off  TREES FOR  TROOPS, December 2007.  Santa Barbara Bank and Trust provided 100 trees for the TREES FOR TROOPS program. Photo courtesy of Randy Weiss, Santa Barbara, Bank and Trust.

Anthony presenting a Christmas Tree to Army personnel  from  the Army base in Lompoc, California.  Photo courtesy of Randy Weiss,  Santa Barbara Bank and Trust.