Anthony's Christmas Trees and Wreaths offers the following services, in addition to trees, wreaths and garland:

Personalized Christmas Tree Shopper  - This service offers the home-bound client or someone with a very busy schedule to call ANTHONY’S and place your order with size, type and date you would like to have the tree delivered. We strive to accommodate your personal Real Tree requirements. You may reserve your tree NOW by clicking here or sending us an email with the type, size and date you would like the tree delivered.  Be sure to give us your full name, address and phone number.

Delivery Service  -  We are happy to provide the additional service of delivering your tree to your place of business or home for a reasonable fee.  The fee is determined by the size and number of trees to be delivered, location and time requirements.  Pick-up and disposal service of the tree after Christmas is also available for a fee.  Our  delivery areas include: Santa Barbara, Goleta, Montecito, Summerland, Carpinteria, Santa Ynez and Solvang.

Pre-Season Tree Reservation  - ANTHONY’S offers its clients the ability to order Christmas Trees, Wreaths and Garlands ahead of time and to be ready for the client's approval on a particular day. This service is most effective for businesses or those clients ordering large Christmas Trees, especially those over nine feet in size.  If you wish to avail yourself of this service, click here.  

Flame-Retarding Application  - This service is required by the State and Local Fire Marshal on all Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees which are placed in public buildings.  In addition to flame-retarding a Tree, we recommend that all Christmas Trees be placed in water stands and that you make sure that the water stand never goes dry.  ANTHONY’S is licensed by the State of California for this application and we place a special tag placed on each tree which has been flame-retarded.

Custom Decorated Wreaths  -  ANTHONY’S offers hand-made Noble Fir wreaths from sizes of 12 inches to five feet across which can be custom decorated to your particular coloration requirements.  Click here for samples of wreaths we have had our designers hand-craft. The large wreaths need to be pre-ordered.

Water Stands and Installation

ANTHONY’S  is a full service retail lot operation and as part of our service we are happy to install water stands which we sell or have sold to you in the past.  It is very important that all Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees be installed in a stand which is capable of holding an adequate amount of water determined by the size of the tree as well as the tree trunk size.  Please note that it is important to check the amount of water in the stand every two days. You do NOT want the water stand to go dry.  Trees, like humans, NEED WATER. 

Christmas Tree Netting

After you have selected your tree, you may have your tree netted for a nominal fee to make it easy for you to transport and carry it into your home.

Pine Cones and Boughs

ANTHONY’S offers a wide selection for your decorating needs.

Bows and  Ribbons

We can custom make any type of Christmas bows you desire

Tree Rental

For your special parties, events or weddings, consider renting Christmas trees to add to your decor. Call 805.451.8545 for more details.

Contact us for more information.