About Our Company
Anthony's Christmas Trees & Wreaths is a full service Christmas lot.  We sell various sizes and varieties of Christmas trees, beautifully decorated wreaths, garland, boughs, water stands, wood stands with water basins, tree preservatives and much more.  We offer flame retardant trees and flocked trees.  We also have a delivery and pick-up service. 

Our History
Anthony's Christmas Trees & Wreaths has been selling Christmas trees and related products since 1954.  During the 1953 Christmas season, Anthony went to help one of his neighbors, Annie Stillman.  Annie had a small grocery store in her home and needed assistance with placing wood stands on the Douglas fir trees she had purchased.  At the time, Anthony was a freshman in high school.  That is when he got the "Christmas Tree Spirit."

Birthplace of Anthony Dal Bello, Founder 

Old Dodge Truck Used for Deliverying Trees. Retired in 2000.

Family Album

Our People
Anthony's is a family-run business.  Wife Maria has been chief cashier and telephone operator since 1970.  Over the years, many family members (including Anthony's two children) and close friends have assisted in the duties of a tree lot. Ed Miller, General manager, has been with us over 25 years. Anthony's believes your team is an extension of who you and your business are.  That is why Anthony only picks the best.
Maria Dal Bello, co-owner, and son Michael give their approval of a Noble Fir Christmas Tree on an Oregon Tree Farm

Edward Miller smiles approval of the Nordmann Fir

Michael and Christine Dal Bello in 1970's
Michael Dal Bello installs a water stand
Kikka Hanazawa sells a custom wreath & now designed the new website for Anthony's