From Founder Anthony Dal Bello

From Founder Anthony Dal Bello

Proudly serving you and your families since 1954.

Dear Friends,

Thanks to you, we are celebrating our 63rd season this year. Thank you for your continued patronage.

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NOBLE FIR - We will have an ample supply of trees up to 12 feet but a very limited supply in the 13 - 16 foot range.  The coloration of these trees is good thanks to the abundant rain in the Pacific Northwest this past year.

NORDMANN FIR - We have about 200 trees available in the 6-12 foot size.

FARMED PLANTATION DOUGLAS FIR - These farm grown trees are the same species of trees as the old fashioned Christmas trees.  One significant difference is they are hand sheared each year to give them full density.

PERSONAL CHRISTMAS TREE SHOPPER - Avail yourself of this free service offered by Anthony's.  An experienced staff member will select a tree per your request for type, size and density.  The tree will be delivered on the date you select.  Save your time and let Anthony's do your shopping!  If you desire this service, please check the appropriate section on the Christmas Tree Reservation Form.

We also sell custom-made and decorated wreaths, cedar garlands, boughs, and water stands.

Once again, we will be able to offer a wider selection of Christmas Trees by having one large location at Earl Warren Show Grounds with ample free parking.  

Anthony's is participating with the National Christmas Tree Association and Fed-Ex in providing fresh Christmas Trees to families of our Troops.  We invite you to participate in the program by purchasing a REAL Christmas Tree or making a cash donation for the TREES FOR TROOPS program.  Click here for more information.

Remember, a traditional Christmas begins with a REAL TREE from Anthony's.  Please remember to bring your water stand at the time of your purchase so we may install it for you. 

Anthony Dal Bello, Founder